Specialist security guard on watch looking out to sea

Working in Superyacht Security – Top Tips

For most close protection specialists, working on board a luxury yacht is one of the high points of their career. There are few roles that are as prestigious as working on board a superyacht, with all the surrounding opulence and grandiose extravagance, while cruising around some of the world’s most glamorous spots.  Most would agree that working on board a superyacht is undoubtedly one of the most desirable positions in the security industry.

However, as highly prestigious as this type of work may appear initially, the potential for messing up and subsequently losing your job (and reputation) can be high.  Each luxury yacht is different, as are its owners, but whether on an anti-piracy task or providing close protection to the owners or guests, being forewarned is forearmed, and some advance preparation and knowledge is advisable. Here are a few basic tips to help make sure you’re well prepared for that coveted role.

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