Personal Protection – who needs it?

Increasing rates of crime, violence and reductions in police manpower has resulted in a number of high profile individuals turning to the private security sector to provide them and their families with personal protection services.  A spate of recent attacks on the homes of a number of famous celebrities in London has led to an upsurge in the requirement for specialised protection services.


Hiring a team of bodyguards or close protection officers is often associated with celebrities, politicians or royalty.  However, an increasing amount of corporate CEO’s, company executives and high net worth individuals are seeking additional comfort and peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones by utilising these services.  Consequently, being confident of your own personal safety, security and well-being as well as those closest to you eliminates one of the unwanted problems of celebrity status or wealth.


There are a variety of reasons why someone may feel the need to take out personal protection, some of these reasons are listed below:


Famous people and celebrities.  Like it or not, fame can intrude on your own personal lifestyle and bring an unprecedented amount of unwanted attention.  Reports of obsessive fans stalking high profile celebrities such as actors and sports stars are not uncommon and can often be disturbing and distressing for the victim.  Over-zealous paparazzi can also bring attention that is neither wanted or welcome.  Conversely, other individuals may have more violent motives and may have intentions to cause more serious harm.


Being in the public eye.  Someone that is suddenly thrust in to the media spotlight may require personal protection.  Examples of this are lottery winners, witnesses to a major crime or an individual that has become involved in some sort of public scandal.


Carrying large amounts of cash or valuables. The prospect of carrying a large amount of cash or valuable items such as jewellery or artwork through a bustling city like London can be very daunting. Expert security personnel may therefore be employed to plan the most practical route, provide surveillance and be on hand to ensure the goods are carried safely from A to B.


Business trips.  Some corporate executives may have to travel overseas to an unfamiliar region for business purposes.  Some countries present a greater risk than others and the executive may feel safer by being accompanied by a Close Protection Officer.  Former military personnel are particularly well suited to this role as they are accustomed to planning and operating in hostile regions.


Domestic disputes.  There may be occasions where in the event of a matrimonial or relationship break-up one of the partners has threatened the other with violence.  These incidents can be particularly unpleasant and if one partner feels under threat then they may feel safer by hiring the services of a bodyguard.


Specific events and occasions. Some individuals may choose to take out personal protection for themselves or their family on certain events or occasions. There are numerous examples of this but some of the more obvious occasions are perhaps a visit to a concert, a nightclub or a sporting event.  It is common practice for high net worth parents to hire close protection officers to escort their teenage children to specific events.


The requirements for the hiring of a bodyguard are as diverse as the clientele that seek to use their services.  London based Intrepid Risk Management fully understands these requirements and provides close protection officers that are specifically suited to their respective client.  A full and comprehensive risk assessment is carried out prior to every task to ensure a fully bespoke and cost effective service is delivered.