Home security protection options including home security officer and security gates

Our Team

The company’s biggest asset is the quality of our personnel.  The Intrepid Risk team are personally selected from within our trusted network of former colleagues in the Royal Marines or through personal recommendation.

As a minimum, Intrepid’s closely knit team of experienced security professionals all come with a credible background in UK Special Forces, Royal Marines Commandos and other elite units.  However, regardless of previous experience, only those that possess a high level of intelligence, communication skills and temperament are deemed suitable to join our team.

All security operations are compliant with our ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification thereby ensuring that any potential risk is mitigated through careful and scrupulous planning.

Intrepid Risk Management is immensely proud of their relationship with their clients and continues to strive for excellence. Our operatives are experienced in working under extreme pressure in hostile environments and understand the importance of team integration and cultural respect.

Selecting personnel for their people skills, attitude and personality, in addition to their experience ensures that the right individual is allocated to every project and seamlessly fits in with the client’s specific requirements.

Our cutting edge security solutions consistently give clients complete peace of mind, satisfied in the knowledge that their family, employees and assets are in good hands.