Home security protection options including home security officer and security gates

Home Security Protection

Attacks on the homes of VIP’s, celebrities and government officials have been well publicised. Senior executives, high-net-worth-individuals, celebrities, professional footballers and members of parliament are often targeted due to isolated home locations or the ease of finding out when the owner will be away.

Home security protection

London based home security experts, Intrepid Risk Management provide an additional and effective layer of security with home protection teams. Operating overtly or discreetly, the physical presence of a bodyguard or team of security professionals can quickly deter and respond to any level of threat, forming part of the best home protection plans available in the UK.

With a background in British front line military units, their home security personnel are robust, conscientious and approachable.  They can provide protection to family and loved ones or protection to property whether occupied or vacant.

With full confidentiality assured and without intrusion in to your private life, the residential security teams are on hand to provide 24 hour protection to all personal and private interests of the client.

Intrepid Risk also provides complete security solutions for the luxury yacht market. Their security officers are at ease in any situation and can provide a seamless service from your home to superyacht or holiday villa, and back to the office.

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Home protection services include

  • House vulnerability assessment
  • Home security survey
  • Property access monitoring
  • Monitoring mail and deliveries
  • Maintenance and upgrades of existing security systems
  • Physical presence
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Foot patrols
  • Threat detection
  • Asset protection

Why choose Intrepid Risk for your home protection?

  • Fully licensed male and female home protection officers available
  • Qualified, experienced team
  • British ex front-line military personnel
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management certified
  • Corporate members of the British Bodyguard Association
  • Proven track record with a 100% success rate
  • Client confidentiality assured
  • London based but operating globally