Counter Piracy and Yacht Security

Maritime piracy continues to plague our seas and remains a potent threat to the maritime domain.  Piracy is prevalent in many parts of the world including the Gulf of Guinea, Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden, the Malacca Straits and other parts of South East Asia.

Ships coming under attack from heavily armed and well organised pirate gangs are becoming more commonplace. Ships crews have been held hostage for ransom and some seafarers have even been killed.

Intrepid Risk Management is well experienced in counter piracy operations around the world and has the ability to provide a sophisticated maritime security service to protect vessels passing through hostile seas. From the latest technology to evade attack, to a private team of experts who integrate into the vessels crew to provide 24 hour protection, Intrepid Risk will provide your security solution.

Recommended by captains globally, the team understands how important teamwork is, and security officers are chosen for their people skills and ability to integrate into a close nit team as well as their security experience.

Counter piracy services include:

  • Consultancy services
  • Providing armed or unarmed embedded security teams
  • Ship protection measures / vessel hardening
  • Monitoring services
  • Citadel advice
  • Crew training
  • Maritime intelligence
  • Threat analysis

Through experience and expertise Intrepid Risk will ensure a smooth transit through some of the world’s most dangerous waters.

Intrepid Risk Management understands the benefits of building long term relationships and continually works with its clients to assess their on-going security needs.