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The Importance of Situational Awareness

Street crime is all around us and has sadly become a daily occurrence, particularly for those of us who live in a big city.  From sexual assault to violent robbery, street crime has almost been accepted as the norm.  In recent times, London has surpassed New York for the number of murders.  The UK’s capital […]

Drugs on Board

To many, the image of the superyacht industry is one of excessive opulence.  A number of recently publicised newspaper articles have exposed the lavish nature of some of the parties being held on board some yachts with revelations of drug taking and prostitution capturing the headlines. The link with drug abuse and yachts has never […]

Superyacht Security Strengthened Thanks to Advanced Technology

Growing security pressures in the superyacht industry have been matched by tremendous advancements in security technology. Yachts are now full to the brim with the latest military-grade security gadgets. Drones present a great threat to owner privacy with their ability to fly over and capture personal footage, however integrated security systems can detect any drone […]

Working in Superyacht Security – Top Tips

For most close protection specialists, working on board a luxury yacht is one of the high points of their career. There are few roles that are as prestigious as working on board a superyacht, with all the surrounding opulence and grandiose extravagance, while cruising around some of the world’s most glamorous spots.  Most would agree […]

Home & Yacht Security – Some Basic Principles

Summer is once again upon us and a large number of superyachts make their annual return to the Mediterranean.  The warm weather and the relaxed lifestyle naturally puts people at ease however the summer season typically sees an increase in the number of burglaries.  In this article for Yacht Investor magazine, we discuss some basic […]

Manners Maketh Man – The Importance of Etiquette

The proverb ‘manners maketh man’ derives from a shared understanding that courtesy and good manners are essential to the preservation of human interaction and relationships. Good manners can be applied to several aspects of human life, including how we speak, the words we use, the tone of our voice, our gestures and our actions. However, […]

Security Advice for the Wealthy

A lifestyle filled with beautiful homes, supercars and superyachts is what most of us dream of but this ostentatious lifestyle can have a somewhat sinister downside. As envious as being super-wealthy may be, wealthy individuals and their families are usually high on the criminals’ radar. With continued concerns for the growing crime rate in London, […]

Maritime Security In Southeast Asia

The problem of maritime piracy in Southeast Asia is as old as piracy itself. Although many associate the scourge of modern piracy with the waters surrounding Somalia, for the past few years Southeast Asia has had the unenviable title of being the global piracy hotspot. Superyacht security expert Ed Hill reports on the issue in […]

Travel Advice – Dubai

In recent years Dubai has burst onto the scene as a bustling global city, a haven for superyachts, supercars and the super-rich. Ranked as the most expensive city in the Middle East, Dubai is also the business hub of the Middle East. Dubai’s thriving economic model is driven by tourism, real estate, aviation and financial […]