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U.S Embassy Issues Warning of Rising Street Crime in Barcelona

An upsurge of violent street crime is currently gripping the popular Spanish resort of Barcelona. A series of muggings, including the recent violent attack on a foreign diplomat has resulted in the United States embassy in Spain issuing a statement warning American nationals of the rise of violent crime in the city. The statement highlights […]

Seven Steps to Home Protection

The recent upsurge in crime throughout London has been a major cause of concern for most Londoners. Sadly, it now seems that crime has become accepted as part of our daily lives.  Even our homes don’t always offer us safe sanctuary any more. According to the website of the Metropolitan Police, there have been 85,369 […]

Bodyguards: 5 Common Myths

There are few professions that create as much intrigue as that of a bodyguard. Hired by celebrities, billionaires and royalty, the modern Bodyguard, Close, Personal or Executive Protection Officer is in increasing demand. Global insecurity, a sharp upsurge in violent crime and a reduction in police manpower has resulted in more corporate executives and private […]

London’s Moped Crime Epidemic – is Enough Being Done?

This weekend, Londoners were alerted of more shocking headlines of the latest incident involving attacks by criminals on mopeds. Throughout London, newspaper billboards displayed alarming images of a helmeted motorcyclist riding pillion whilst wielding a hammer. The sinister-looking images were captured on mobile phones by alarmed witnesses and came accompanied with the headline “Moped Hammer […]

With terrorism once again hitting the headlines: is London really safe?

Wednesday 22nd March 2017 is a date that the United Kingdom and London in particular would rather forget. On that day at 2.38 pm, as the sun struggled to penetrate the grey London clouds, Khalid Masood drove his grey Hyundai hire car across Westminster Bridge purposely ploughing into pedestrians as he went. Leaving a trail […]

Are football clubs neglecting players’ security?

One of the main headlines dominating this week’s news was the shocking bomb attack on a bus carrying one of Europe’s top football teams to a Champions League game.  Three pipe bombs were remotely detonated as the Borussia Dortmund bus left the team’s hotel heading towards the stadium for their quarter final tie against Monaco.  […]

Intrepid Achieves Certification to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standards

Intrepid Risk Management are proud to announce that following an intense two day audit carried out at its London office, the company has successfully transitioned from the ISO 9001:2008 standard to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standard. Intrepid uses ISO 9001 as a robust framework that demonstrates that the company follows proven best practices […]