Asset Protection Security

Asset Protection Security

Intrepid Risk Management provides a range of asset protection services to safeguard your valuable assets from theft and other criminal activity.

Experts in luxury security protection they can provide a global service to ensure your collection or individual asset is safe from harm.

Experienced in working in the superyacht sector and for VIP clients in London and other major cities around the world, Intrepid Risk has a multi-layered approach offering unparalleled protection in any environment.

Protecting your valuable assets

  • Risk assessment
  • Contingency planning
  • Physical protection during transportation
  • Transaction security
  • Security systems
  • Motion sensors
  • Secure casing
  • Surveillance
  • Employee background checks
  • Secure off site storage

Whether you have priceless art, jewels, race horses or an exclusive car collection, Intrepid Risk will provide the latest security technology and a team of protection experts to mitigate any potential risk.

On board superyacht security measures

Although your superyacht may be one of your most valuable assets, there are often priceless artefacts on board that are left open to an increased risk of theft. Intrepid Risk can offer 24 hour surveillance and on board security to mitigate this risk. They can also provide transport to on shore secure storage facilities to keep items under lock and key while the owner is away.  For complete superyacht security options visit this page.

Securing your assets at home

Most instances of theft are carried out by somebody the owner has already met. Friends, relatives and staff are more likely to attempt criminal activity than a stranger, and they have inside knowledge on the location and levels of security present.

Protect yourself and your assets with a robust security system, motion sensors, home alarm and quick response team. Make sure you have valid insurances and have carried out background checks on employees and contractors.

If you wish to move a valuable asset or the full collection, then Intrepid Risk will also plan your transfer, making a thorough risk assessment for every stage of the journey. They will ensure the new location is secure and that risk is minimal during transit.

Business and data security

Whether the value in your business comes from the stock you hold, the data you store or the equipment you use, it is all at risk from criminal activity. One of the biggest risks is staff theft or sabotage.

Even if your business has the latest security system to protect you after hours, consider upgrading your security solution to prove 24-hour coverage. Well placed security cameras and a security officer can dissuade potential threats by employees, contractors and visitors to your business.

Wherever your valuable asset or collection is based, Intrepid Risk Management will provide a robust security solution that fits with your lifestyle and provides the highest levels of protection.