Somali Piracy in 2017

Here’s our latest article for Yacht Investor magazine on the topic of superyacht security.  As yachts begin their annual return to the Med, we give an update on the current state of Somali piracy.

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Message on Counter-Terrorism from the Metropolitan Police

The UK threat level has been severe for some time and this level will not change.

The level of threat is complex and ranges from lone actors intent on carrying out crude attacks to sophisticated networks pursuing ambitious and coordinated plots;

As always, we advise the public to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious behaviour or activity to the Anti Terrorism Hotline on 0800 789 321 or in an emergency the public should always call 999. Please reinforce that to your workforce.

I appreciate that you have responsibility for the security of buildings and therefore a large number of people. It is important at times such as these that the police security stance and that of the private security sector is joined up.

As a result, we are recommending that you consider some protective security tactics to aid your security at this time, whilst remembering that the threat level remains at SEVERE.

We know that terrorists will undertake hostile scouting ahead of conducting an attack and increased vigilance by staff and the creation of a hostile environment combats such hostile inspection. Please refresh the knowledge of staff that have received Project Griffin and Project Argus training and deploy staff who have received training in behavioural detection (where you have them).

Please be proactive in challenging visitors, vehicles and anything out of place and consider the following options from our Stakeholder Menu of Options, particularly around crowded place, night time economy and iconic sites.

  • Review patrol strategy (be unpredictable).  Adopt high visibility clothing.
  • Brigade resources with neighbouring contracts/buildings
  • Report any suspicious activity in a timely manner. Early reporting of suspected hostile reconnaissance is vital in combating terrorism
  • Implement communication links with surrounding premises to pass on information about suspicious activity/behaviour
  • Consider closing non-essential access and egress points
  • Focus CCTV on all communal areas and vulnerable points
  • Ensure CCTV is fit for purpose

This is not an exclusive list and I recommend you look at the full menu and consider any other options that suit your premises or organisation.

Please review your building and business continuity plans in the light of this attack. You should ensure that first aid points are fully stocked and the location of key equipment is made clear to all staff. We also recommend that staff are directed to the Citizen Aid app and Run, Hide, Tell on YouTube. The number of casualties treated by the public highlights the importance of understanding first aid.

NaCTSO has refreshed its latest guidance on recognising the terrorist threat and I would recommend you access this at

The following links provide additional useful information that may assist when deploying the tactical options:

Please also carry out your own reviews of security levels and some of you will have innovative and new ways of delivering protective security, which you may wish to share with other partners. If you deploying such tactics and are willing to share them, please forward them to NaCTSO who will circulate them.  Please contact them on

Lucy D’Orsi,

Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Specialist Operations, Metropolitan Police


Kim Kardashian robbery – Managing Director Ed Hill interviewed live on BBC News

Following the audacious robbery of reality television celebrity Kim Kardashian in Paris.  The BBC contacted Intrepid Risk Management’s Managing Director to appear live in the studio at London’s Broadcasting House.

Piracy 2016: Current Global Troublespots

As the Med season draws to a close and winter approaches, many yachts begin their preparations for heading to sunnier climes. Yacht owners have the fortunate position of deciding where to send their yacht for the winter with the idyllic surroundings of the Caribbean, Middle East and the Far East presenting a somewhat envious problem.  However, as soon as a yacht leaves the comfort zone offered by the Med, a very serious threat is lurking. That threat is piracy and wherever the yacht goes, the piracy threat is never too far away.

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Advanced Technology Helps Protect Superyachts from Dangers on the High Seas

Journalist Rik Glauert approached Intrepid Risk Management for help with his article for the South China Morning Post.  This fascinating article delves into the world of the mega rich and intricately illustrates how billionaires maintain their privacy, safety and security on board their luxury yachts.

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Do’s and Don’ts to Help You from Becoming a Target

Venturing abroad can pose a number of risky problems to even the most seasoned traveller.  Threats of terrorism, kidnap and robbery are prevalent worldwide. In this latest article for Yacht Investor magazine, our Managing Director highlights some of the do’s and don’ts to help you from becoming a target.

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An Effective and Robust Citadel

The rise in piracy has led to maritime security experts having a rethink on how to preserve the safety of yacht crews from pirate attack.  As the number of pirate attacks increased, so did the use of on board safe rooms or Citadels.  In his latest article for Yacht Investor magazine, superyacht security expert Ed Hill explains the necessary requirements for an effective and robust Citadel.

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Specialist superyacht security in demand for London’s rich list

Intrepid Risk Management and the specialist security services the company offers are currently featuring in a number of high profile superyacht journals.  Released to coordinate with Intrepid’s presence at the forthcoming London Yacht Jet and Prestige Car Show, the articles highlight the current surge in demand for high-end security services, with a particular emphasis for security services on board luxury yachts.


In conjunction with Global Superyacht Marketing, the article has so far featured in The Superyacht Report, Superyacht News, The Crew Report, Superyacht Design and The Superyacht Owner.  The article also explains the company’s expansion into the provision of personal protection (bodyguard) and residential security teams for High Net Worth Individuals, celebrities, business executives and VIP’s.


Specialist superyacht security in demand for Londons rich list


The safety and security of family members is not a topic to be approached lightly particularly when that family has a superyacht, prestige homes and a private jet or two. And for the world’s wealthiest individuals, placing trust in someone to protect loved ones can be a risky business in itself.


Security has become a hot topic in recent months with the unfortunate rise in home invasions targeting wealthy people – not just celebrities – and threats to their personal security and that of their families.


In last week’s Sunday Independent newspaper it was reported that a stalker broke into Lily Allen’s bedroom with the intention of using a deadly weapon. The singer/songwriter admitted the experience has seriously affected her daily life and that of her children. Lily Allen continued to explain that it was only because there was another person in her home that enabled them to stop the attacker and force them outside the house while she checked on her young children.


In addition to providing specialist security services to the superyacht industry, Intrepid Risk Management is now in demand to provide a wide spectrum of specialist security services to London’s wealthy elite. These services include security training for the household staff or yacht crew, drugs testing and protection against piracy, theft and abduction.


Former Royal Marines Commando and Managing Director of London-based Intrepid Risk Management Ed Hill explains that this is where his global team of security experts who understand the luxury lifestyle can provide individual clients with extra peace of mind.


“Intrepid Risk started out solely working in the superyacht industry. Through personal contacts I was asked to provide security support on board a yacht passing through the Gulf of Aden, which is a particularly high-risk area in terms of piracy. I joined the crew and we were at sea for 12 days initially. Always a quick learning curve in such tight quarters, I received fantastic feedback from the captain that it was a pleasure to work with someone who the whole team immediately trusted with his or her safety, but remained humble, preferring a discreet approach.


It was this feedback that encouraged me to continue working within the superyacht industry and forms an important part of our selection process for all new security operatives.”


Reflecting on his first superyacht assignment in 2008, Ed explained how security detail has evolved over the last eight years. “During the four week voyage through the Gulf of Aden we had 18 crew members to protect with just two security operatives. At that time you were not allowed firearms on board so we had to make do with whatever was available. We prepared ourselves with distress smoke and flares but not much else, so we had to use our initiative.


“Using coiled ropes on the yacht’s sundeck, that could be launched into the water to tangle in the props of any pirate boats that came from the stern was one of the measures we put in place, and the distress flares were very much to hand at all times. Very different indeed from being one of the first waves of troops entering Iraq with the Royal Marines in 2003 with the latest equipment at our disposal.


“Nowadays laws have changed along with risk levels globally. Security operatives are now allowed to carry firearms in the Gulf of Aden, and dependent on the job we can supply the very latest in security technology to support the crew, guests and of course the security operatives.”


It is training and experience in some of the UK’s elite military units, coupled with a meticulous attention to detail that affords Intrepid Risk Management the ability to understand the etiquette required to work discreetly with high net worth individuals in and away from their homes.


Ed personally selects every single team member to ensure they all have what is necessary to meet and exceed what the client expects. Having an exemplary military career and experience in high-risk areas does not always mean you can handle the personal protection of a client and their family, especially if you are all on board a superyacht during a family vacation. Temperament and having the right level of maturity is what counts and all Intrepid Risk representatives have been chosen because they fully understand this.


High net worth individuals, their families and assets have long been attractive targets for criminals. Security, however, is an important aspect of ownership that is often overlooked. Ed explains, “For us, it’s all about risk mitigation. Any form of confrontation will, if possible, always be avoided. We’re far removed from the big, burly aggressive stereotype and offer both male and female officers. Its important that the client feels protected but can also carry on with their daily routine unhindered”.


“We know, for example, that superyachts are sometimes less secure than other vessels because of the places they frequent, their lower cruising speed and their lower freeboard making it easier for pirates to board. This is where it’s apt to use the phrase ‘know your enemy’. “As part of passage planning for transiting high risk areas, we gather intelligence and once aboard complete a full security survey of the yacht to identify vulnerable areas. We then provide a comprehensive briefing to all crew and carry out drills”.


“We know from experience and the positive feedback received that our approach makes the crew feel at ease. Having former military personnel onboard who are experienced in anti-piracy procedures can provide a huge sense of reassurance to crew. After all, a secure yacht can ensure owners, guests and crew remain safe while enjoying the benefits of yachting.”


The team’s policies, procedures, industry certifications and accreditations ensure that they meet and surpass the required security industry standards. Furthermore, all onboard operations are managed and delivered with the added advantage of 24/7 shore based operational cover.


Ed will be representing Intrepid Risk Management at The London Yacht, Jet and Prestige Car Show, from 4 – 7 May, at Stand A19.


The London Yacht Jet and Prestige Car show held in Old Billingsgate, London each year brings together high net worth individuals and representatives from the superyacht, private aviation, supercar and luxury goods market.


To speak with Ed and the team beforehand email to arrange an appointment.


The articles can also be read on the following links:



Close Protection Officers – wanted London & French Riviera

Intrepid Risk Management are currently recruiting suitable candidates (male and female) to undertake close protection duties in London and the south of France.  As a minimum, all applicants MUST meet the following criteria:


  • SIA license in close protection (in date).
  • FPOS medical certificate (in date).
  • Come highly recommended from an individual already established within the Intrepid Risk Management team.


The following criteria are desirable but not essential:


  • Experience working for private families and/or High Net Worth Individuals.
  • Minimum of four years military experience.
  • Exemplary military record.
  • Linguist in French or Italian.
  • Advanced medical skills (paramedic).


Please note that Intrepid Risk Management DOES NOT openly recruit for positions of employment.  In order to maintain our high calibre of personnel for close protection duties, all applicants MUST come with a personal recommendation from an individual that is already established within the company.


Interested applicants should apply via their personal contact within the company before 5pm Friday 29th April 2016.



High Today – Gone Tomorrow. Say No to Drugs

Drug abuse within the superyacht industry is almost as old as the industry itself. However, as maritime regulations become more controlled and on board health & safety issues come under increased scrutiny, drug abuse amongst superyacht crews is no longer acceptable.  In the latest edition of Yachting Matters, superyacht security expert Ed Hill explains how having a policy for crew drugs testing can have a positive impact for everyone on board.

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