Manners Maketh Man – The Importance of Etiquette

The proverb ‘manners maketh man’ derives from a shared understanding that courtesy and good manners are essential to the preservation of human interaction and relationships. Good manners can be applied to several aspects of human life, including how we speak, the words we use, the tone of our voice, our gestures and our actions. However, an understanding of etiquette, protocol and displaying good manners are an essential aspect for any professional close protection officer.

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Security Advice for the Wealthy

A lifestyle filled with beautiful homes, supercars and superyachts is what most of us dream of but this ostentatious lifestyle can have a somewhat sinister downside. As envious as being super-wealthy may be, wealthy individuals and their families are usually high on the criminals’ radar. With continued concerns for the growing crime rate in London, in this article for Family Office Elite magazine, Ed Hill gives some brief advice on how to be more aware of your personal security and minimise the chances of you becoming yet another crime statistic.

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Maritime Security In Southeast Asia

The problem of maritime piracy in Southeast Asia is as old as piracy itself. Although many associate the scourge of modern piracy with the waters surrounding Somalia, for the past few years Southeast Asia has had the unenviable title of being the global piracy hotspot. Superyacht security expert Ed Hill reports on the issue in Family Office & Yacht Management magazine. To view the article in full… CLICK HERE

Travel Advice – Dubai

In recent years Dubai has burst onto the scene as a bustling global city, a haven for superyachts, supercars and the super-rich. Ranked as the most expensive city in the Middle East, Dubai is also the business hub of the Middle East. Dubai’s thriving economic model is driven by tourism, real estate, aviation and financial services. Security expert Ed Hill looks at the rules and regulations that Westerners should observe when travelling to Dubai.

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Bodyguards: 5 Common Myths

There are few professions that create as much intrigue as that of a bodyguard. Hired by celebrities, billionaires and royalty, the modern Bodyguard, Close, Personal or Executive Protection Officer is in increasing demand. Global insecurity, a sharp upsurge in violent crime and a reduction in police manpower has resulted in more corporate executives and private individuals turning to the private security sector for personal protection.

However, thanks to a few far-fetched and unrealistic Hollywood movies, the bodyguard profession has been given a somewhat fantasised portrayal. Action and drama obviously sells movies but this false representation also creates an unjustified stereotype of a serious, diligent and very skilled profession. Listed are some of the five most common myths surrounding the bodyguard industry.

1. Size Matters

Probably the first thing that people think of is that a bodyguard has to be an intimidating seven feet tall, musclebound monster where the bigger the frame, the more protective he’ll be. Nonsense! While some clients prefer to hire a personal protection officer that is over six feet tall, size is certainly no guarantee of professional ability. Ideally, the close protection officer should be the ‘grey man’ operating discreetly whilst blending into the crowd. Agility and the ability to think on your feet are just some of the required competencies.

2. Bodyguards are Men

Female close protection officers are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with female clients. They may lack the physicality of their male counterparts however they certainly make up for it in other areas. For example, a female client may feel more comfortable with allowing a female into her personal space and others may prefer a female bodyguard to look after their children. When dressed conservatively, a female bodyguard is far less likely to attract the same attention as her male colleagues.

3. Only Celebrities Hire Bodyguards

Again, this statement is totally incorrect. While most celebrities do hire bodyguards, a large number of ordinary, everyday people also require some form of personal protection. These may range from a business executive travelling overseas to an unfamiliar location to someone feeling threatened by the likes of stalkers, the paparazzi and former partners. In addition, an increasing number of clients feel the need to hire personal protection to safeguard their children.

4. A Bodyguard Becomes Close Friends with their Principle

This is another Hollywood inspired misconception. A trusted relationship with the principle is certainly paramount however there are very strict professional boundaries that should always be upheld. A close protection officer is no different from a chauffeur, nanny or chef and over familiarity is strongly discouraged. A proficient close protection officer knows that their relationship with the principle is a professional one and they’re primarily being hired to do a job.

5. Being a Bodyguard is Glamorous

Definitely not true! Yes there are occasions where a close protection officer visits top restaurants, stays in luxury hotels and spends time on board a magnificent superyacht. Nevertheless, the Hollywood movies rarely depict the long hours and painstaking work that goes on behind the scenes such as planning routes and writing reports. More often than not, the role of a personal protection officer is a thankless one where the lifestyle of the principle must always come first. Flexibility is key and sometimes with little notice, one day could be spent in London and the following day in Dubai.

There’s no denying that the bodyguard profession is shrouded in mystery and thus creates an element of curiosity. The film industry has helped to create a somewhat false image of this highly skilled yet often misunderstood profession where brains are certainly more important than brawn.

Bodyguards – How to Select Your Personal Protection

There are few professions that are as misunderstood as that of a bodyguard. Glamourised in Hollywood movies as kung-fu kicking, chandelier swinging heroes, this myth is far removed from the actual reality. In this article for luxury magazine French Touch, Ed Hill of London based security company Intrepid Risk Management explains the finer details of selecting the right provider for personal protection.

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Are you safe on your superyacht? Probably not

Are you safe on your superyacht? Probably not; Intrepid Risk Management feature in the latest edition of Tatler magazine on the subject of superyacht security.

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Somalia Piracy in 2017

After a five year lull, 2017 has seen a return of Somali pirates.  As part of our regular features on superyacht security, we examine the issue and the potential repercussions for the superyacht industry.

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Technology – the Future of Superyacht Security

Technology now plays a significant part in our daily lives and security technology has become a global billion dollar industry. In his latest article for Yacht Investor magazine, superyacht security expert Ed Hill discusses some of the advanced security technology systems currently being used by Ultra Night Net Worth Individuals to protect their yachts.

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French Riviera Security Update – Yacht Investor

Crime on the French Riviera is a growing concern. From Marseille to Monaco, organised criminal gangs are conducting audacious burglaries on luxury homes while street robbery is also on the increase. The relaxed atmosphere experienced on the Riviera naturally puts people at ease and off their guard which presents a perfect opportunity for criminals. In this article, our security expert Ed Hill scrutinises crime in the region and offers advice on how to prevent you from becoming a victim.

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